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For all questions about fundraising, please email activities director Jose Martinez at

We understand that keeping our clubs and activities running requires a variety of efforts, including fundraising. As such, we are happy to help facilitate this process in accordance with the policies set forth by Bear Creek High School and Jeffco Public Schools. 

If a group is interested in hosting or participating in a fundraiser, a two-step process must be followed to ensure the funds end up in the right account.

The first step is to complete the Application for Fundraising Form, providing as much information as possible. Once submitted, the activities director will review the application and approve, disapprove or ask for additional information (such as fundraiser agreement, contracts and insurance policies). Once the fundraiser is approved by the activity director, it may go forward.

After the fundraiser is held, the second step involves bringing money or checks to the financial office. There, the financial secretary will provide the Fundraiser Follow-Up Report to complete and submit with the funds.

Once submitted, the financial secretary and activities director will review and approve of the funds. At that point, the funds will be deposited into your group's account. If the Fundraiser Follow-Up Report is not completed and funds are left in the financial office, they will be held until the report is completed.

Fundraiser agreement

You may need to complete a Fundraiser Agreement in conjunction with your fundraising company. The activities director will specify if this is a requirement.

Online donations

While fundraising through crowdfunding sites (GoFundMe, SNAP Raise, Classful, etc.) is not permitted by Jeffco, it is now possible to host an online fundraiser via Jeffco's in-house online donation platform. Those interested in pursuing this option can complete an Online Donation Platform Request to begin the process.

General information

  • The process for fundraising is the same for all groups, clubs, activities and sports, as long as the money is being submitted to the financial office at Bear Creek High School. If a group, club, activity or sport has a booster club and the fundraiser money is being managed by that booster club, they need to follow the guidelines of the booster club and are not required to complete the fundraising process outlined above.
  • Each school year (August-July), every fundraiser must go through this approval process, even if it is an ongoing fundraiser or is a fundraiser that was approved in a prior year (this process involves completing a Fundraiser Agreement). If a fundraiser is ongoing, this process only needs to be completed one time for the year per group. This is a district and auditing requirement. 
  • If multiple groups use the same fundraising source or company, the paperwork (such as the contract and insurance) will only need to be submitted one time for the year. However, the Fundraising Application will need to be filled out separately by each group as they choose to engage in the fundraiser.
    • An example is if Senior Field Studies (SFS) uses the King Soopers Card fundraiser and is the first to do so in a given school year. SFS will be in charge of getting the necessary contract and paperwork for that fundraiser as well as submitting an application for their fundraiser. If cheerleading then chooses to also use the King Soopers Card fundraiser a month later, they only need to submit an application.