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Course Registration

Information on Choosing Classes

Bear Creek High School counselors or administrators can only change student schedules for specific reasons. Students should be mindful when choosing classes.

Current ninth- through 11th-graders

Current ninth- through 11th-graders will be choosing classes for fall 2024 in Connections class. Student schedules will be released in August 2024.

Incoming ninth-graders from BCK8 or Carmody

For students who attend one of Bear Creek High School’s feeder schools (Bear Creek K-8 School or Carmody Middle School), counselors will be coming into classes to explain course options.

Incoming students (9-12) from other schools

Students coming to Bear Creek from another school will be asked to attend a choice enrollment session at either the end of the school year or the beginning.

Please contact Bear Creek registrar Tami Danks at or 303-982-8728 for information on dates and times of the sessions.