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Mental Health Supports

Mental Health Supports in Jeffco

Jeffco Public Schools is dedicated to promoting safe and supportive learning environments that increase mental health outcomes for all. Jeffco mental health professionals use a research-based approach to enhancing the coping skills and resiliency of our students, from prevention to intervention.

Jeffco strives to keep our students, staff, and families informed and engaged in discussions about various aspects of mental health affecting our community. Open conversations and shared understanding lead to better outcomes for students.

Together, we can make a positive impact on the well-being of our students and the entire community.

Mental Health Supports at Bear Creek

Bear Creek High School counselors, teachers and staff prioritize our students' mental health. We have a number of programs and support options at school. However, if you or someone you know needs immediate help, please contact:

Counseling and Therapy

BCHS students needing mental health support should come to the counseling center. Bear Creek counselors offer short-term counseling and discuss options with students and their families about sustainable support, such as therapy.

Bear Creek has one Jefferson County for Mental Health (JCMH) therapist provider who meets with students daily in the counseling office.

The center also can offer referrals to Hazel Health for short-term support with the ability to meet with students virtually at school, during specific times of day.

Please reach out. We are here for you – you do not need to go through this alone.

Ongoing Mental Health Initiatives

We have a number of programs at BCHS to provide ongoing support for students.

Sources of Strength Class

Sources of Strength, a peer-mentoring class, is an evidence-based suicide prevention program led primarily by students. It exists to spread hope, help and strength, as well as increase protective factors in the lives of the peer leaders and their classmates.

Some of the protective factors include help-seeking behaviors, meaningful relationships with trusted adults and mentors, healthy activities, positive family support and friends, generosity and a willingness to break codes of silence and secrecy when it comes to mental health concerns of friends and peers.

Signs of Suicide

SOS is an evidence-based suicide prevention program that is delivered to all ninth-grade students. The lesson addresses what to do if you or a friend starts thinking about suicide and how to respond and access supports.

More information is coming on when this is delivered to students.

Social Emotional Learning

SEL curriculum supports student growth through evidence-based social-emotional programming.

Learn More

Suicide Prevention

Jeffco offers supports in suicide prevention and awareness.

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Virtual Calm Room

Jeffco’s Virtual Calm Room provides students with tools and strategies to manage emotions and stress.

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