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Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery in Jeffco

Jeffco understands that many of our students have faced extraordinary challenges and cares deeply about helping students understand their path to graduation. The goal is to help students get back on track and make sure families are aware of the available resources.

Contact your school to learn more about specific credit recovery options for your student. The counselor at your student’s school knows your student and the school-based supports best. Their phone number and email are listed on your school’s website.

If you have contacted your school and would now like to consult with a student engagement advocate, contact the Student Engagement Office.

Credit Recovery at Bear Creek

While Bear Creek High School encourages and works with students to help them complete classes on time, there may be situations where credit recovery is necessary. Bear Creek offers several in-house credit recovery opportunities for certain classes at little to no cost.

For courses or credit recovery that the school does not offer in-house, we can generally provide students and families with resources, though there are often costs associated with these options.

Students interested in credit recovery are encouraged to contact their counselor as soon as possible.