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Volunteer because...

  1. Your time helps free up instructor's time to teach
  2. Your time allows students to focus on learning
  3. Your time clears the path to success

​Become a part of the BCHS music family.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart" ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Open Board Positions

Programs like ours do not exist without the help of many volunteers. In addition to volunteer time, we continue to need leaders. We have the following positions that will start in January; however, we would like to have individuals shadow through the end of December.

These openings include:

  • Orchestra vice president (immediate need) – In this position, you will attend monthly board meetings and serve as a liaison with our orchestra directors and orchestra families.
  • President – Responsible for the overall operation of the booster organization including fiscal matters, presiding over monthly meetings, supporting and assisting the other officers and chairpersons in the fulfillment of their duties, serving as a liaison with the Music Director, etc. Serves on our executive board and attends monthly meetings.  
  • Vice president of fundraising – Responsible for identifying and implementing fundraising opportunities for families and the music program. This includes research and coordination of fundraising activities which includes working with vendors, planning timelines and deliveries and financial reconciliation. Responsible for the fundraising needs of the program. This includes oversight of peach sales, fall and spring fundraisers, and Raise Right. Serves on our executive board and attends monthly meetings.  
  • Secretary – Responsible for maintaining accurate records of the organization which includes recording and maintaining meeting minutes; generating and distributing acknowledgment and tax receipt letters for donations as needed or requested; and assisting with updating records in the Charms database. Serves on our executive board and attends monthly meetings.  
  • TAG Day chairperson – Responsible for coordination of annual TAG Day, one of our annual program fundraising events. TAG Day is typically held the first or second Saturday in November.
  • Hospitality co-chair – Responsible for providing food and drink service for booster-funded meals and snacks. This includes marching band competitions, Concert and Craft Fair concessions and fundraiser events. Expected responsibilities include planning, preparation, serving, cleanup, financial tracking and coordinating family donations and volunteer needs. 

If one of these positions sounds like they might fit your talents, we would love to discuss the position further with you. Or, if you have an idea for a way that you can serve as a leader, please reach out to our president, Lori Allington, and she can explain the responsibilities, time commitment and other details and put you in touch with people who currently hold these roles. In addition, our board meets monthly and we would love to invite you to a meeting.

Upcoming Volunteer Information

Interested in volunteering? Contact Kristine Notter at for more information. 

The marching band has been working extremely hard in order to continue its tradition as one of the top bands in the state of Colorado! A large part of that is due to the volunteer support that families and friends provide, and we're asking that you continue that support beginning with the first halftime performance at the homecoming football game vs. Greeley West on Friday, Sept. 1 at Jeffco Stadium. We need an army of volunteers for this and any every performance during the season.

We have two ways for you to sign up to volunteer. You will receive emails from Kristine Notter with direct links throughout the season to the competitions and football games. The other way to sign up is to log into your Charms account and click on the blue Volunteer box. This will bring you to a drop-down menu where you can choose the event you want to sign up for and sign up. There are a variety of positions (such as chaperones, truck drivers, moving props and hospitality) that are open and it is very important that these slots are filled to help make the performance run as smoothly as possible.

We all want what's best for our kiddos, so please don't hesitate to contact Kristine Notter, volunteer coordinator and chaperone chair with any questions you may have, whether it be by email, text or phone call.

Volunteer Opportunities and Responsibilities

Football Games and Competitions

Pit crew (15 volunteers needed): Moves front ensemble instruments and sound equipment from the staging area to the competition field and back to the buses.

Props crew (12 volunteers needed): Moves props from the staging area to the competition field and back to the buses.

Podium crew (three volunteers needed): Moves, sets up and breaks down podium from the staging area to the competition field and back to the buses.

Chaperone and uniforms (four volunteers needed):

  • Arrive at school with kids
  • Take attendance
  • Load buses
  • Ride the bus to and from the activity
  • Stay with students throughout the event
  • Help with water to keep kids hydrated
  • Uniform prep
  • General supervision, including first aid and sunblock reminders
  • Stay with the band all day

Note: This is a full-day responsibility and cannot be combined with any other roles. 

Hospitality and food (four to six volunteers needed): Help prepare, cook, shop, set up, serve and clean up at competitions and band camp

​Truck drivers (two volunteers needed):

  • Drive equipment to and from competitions and events
  • Arrive at school when kids do and stay all day

Please note: Drivers, chaperones and hospitality will be included in the headcount for our food needs. Since they are there all day and required to be with the students, they will be fed. All other volunteers should plan accordingly. In the past, if there was downtime in between performances, you may grab a bite elsewhere.

TAG Day (50-plus volunteers needed)

  • Check-in (four to five)
  • Drivers (40)
  • Money counters (four)
  • Thank you team (four)

​Craft Fair (200-plus volunteers needed)

  • Planning committee
  • Check-in
  • Admissions
  • Concessions
  • Bake sale
  • Door prize
  • Runners
  • Load-in
  • Load-out
  • Floaters
  • Money counter
  • Setup
  • Signs
  • Booth-marking
  • Tear down

Marching Bands (40-plus volunteers needed)

  • Chaperones (two to four)
  • Pit crew (15)
  • Props crew (12)
  • Ladders (three)
  • Podium (two)
  • Truck drivers (two)
  • Food and hospitality (four)

Other (40 volunteers needed)

  • Concessions
  • Programs
  • Chaperone
  • Drivers for students
  • Various opportunities